Accounting / Administration

First time entrepreneurs

Starting your own business takes a lot of emotion with it. On the one side it is great but on the other hand it can be very exciting.

Looking into the mistakes and successes of others can help you build your own success.

Tip: Work on your network and expand your contact list. Gather a team of professionals around you. A strong network will make a substantial contribution to your success.

We at Gesher would like to help you start your business. Together we can help you start building your future. Our team of business coaches and administrators can assist you from the first step until the moment yu feel you can stand on your own.

We are happy to think with you and guide you where ever you need from the very beginning - the te registration at the Chamber of Commerce and tax office till the implementation of a proper administration.

We like to think in solutions and are happy to guide and assist you with all your entrepreneurship needs.

How? It is completely up on you!

We offer individual coaching as well as group sessions.

The foundation of your success is in good hands

As an entrepreneur, you will enjoy a lot of freedom but also you have some obligations. Annoying? That's not necessary! These obligations also offer opportunities.

As a business owner, one of the obligations you have is is the accurate tracking of your financial records.

All your income, expenses, hours and mileage (even if you are driving in a private car) must be correctly recorded. In addition, you must file vat tax declarations each quarter and of course the annual income tax declaration at the end of the year.

Besides all the obligations there are also surcharges and deductions you might be able to recieve, like the start-up deduction, the small business deduction and the self-employed deduction. You may also have the right for some tax benefits regarding your rent or mortage when workig from home or the cost of your computer and furniture.

Confused? Don't worry, We are here to help!

As an administrator we know all the options and possibilities. We follow on a regular base seminars and courses to keep track of the latest news nad changes in legislation.

Time to organize

Do you get confused sometimes whether you paid the bills? Do you spend hours looking for your insurance policy or that one letter from the tax authorities? Did you come to the conclusion that it is time to get your papers organized?

Thanks to our years of experience we know all the pitfalls of the (home) administration. We have various methods and a lot of knowledge and tools that we would love to share with you in order to organize your paperwork.

We also offer assistance with writing letters, appeals and contact with various organizations.

Administration is our profession and helping people is our passion!

Take now the first step towards an ordered administration... contact us today.