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Gesher is the Hebrew word for 'bridge'. And that is exactly what Gesher as a company is designed for - to act as a bridge between individuals and entrepreneurs and the administrative world with emphasis on the financial world.

Gesher was born out of passion for the administrative world and a strong predisposition in the social field to help people. What Gesher and her staff characterizes is the transparent work method, patience and dedication.

Your bridge to financial and administrative solutions

Who are we?

Limor Smits

Limor Smits, also known as Limor the Mentor, is an administrator, budget coach and a top financial mentor. She is the founder and director of Gesher - Business & Personal Solutions and Limor Smits Academy - Financial awareness learning institute. Her extensive administrative background and her own inspiring story enables Limor to help others and guide them to a better financial future.

Limor Smits

Our references


  • I have been a customer of Limor since 2012. What I'm fond of his her cheerfulness and the fact that she is always friendly. All this years she has always been very approachable and very professional, always have an answer for my questions and. What I was looking for in my administrator is someone to not just crunch the numbers for me but really think with me on how to develop my business and take it one step further. I have found all of this in Limor and much more. It is a great experience to work with such a professional person that is always willing to go that extra mile for her clients. As a business coach and administrator Limor provides me a complete bundle of services that fits all my needs.

    Paulo Magalhaes Farrier
  • In early 2013, I had my first acquaintance with Limor. Back then I was drowning in debt and did not know how to get out of the situation. I felt completely lost. Thanks to the personal guidance of Limor and her tremendous help along with her never ending patience and understanding I am now (2015) completely debt free. Limor took complete control over my debt situation and had all contact needed with my creditors. It was a unique experience watching her fight for me till the very end. During my get debt free project I have been following the one on one financial awareness program that Limor had developed and can honestly say I will never have any debt ever for as long as I live. Limor had build an Excel sheet for me helping me see in just a few seconds all my financial records and understand how to handle my money during the month so that I still can have some money left at the end of it. Thanks to all that I have learned I now know how to prioritize my payments and handling my finance on a responsible way. Limor is a true professional with a tremendous empathy and a will of steel. She is a inspirational and motivational source for all those who are having financial problems.

    Annoniem Ex obligor
  • As a first time entrepreneur I found the administration part of owning a business very scary. I was terrified of making mistakes and getting in trouble with the IRS. Through an acquaintance I've ended up with Limor and she became my administrator. What an amazing woman she is. She have so much patience to answer all my 'dumb' questions and never give me the feeling it is too much or her. Thanks to her coaching skills along with her professional knowledge of administration and bookkeeping she took a big part of my fears away. I know that my financial administration is in good hands and with the monthly rapportage that I get i am always aware of what is going on behind the scene in my company. Gesher and got Sabine as my contact person. What a wonderful person she is. It is a true asset to each individual and entrepreneur to have Limor as your financial coach.

    Suzanne van Beersum Saleswoman / Marketing consultant

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